About me

Hey I’m Sandhya from Chennai, India. I never thought I would start a blog someday because I literally don’t have patience to spend time on writing or anything but yeah life’s puts you in the unexpected situation, it can’t be so easy on me always like everybody I also face a lot more struggles but it’s all just making a way to reach your goal, right?

One thing I’ve learned failure, rejection, heartbreak , pain, anger, lonely if you’ve gone through any of this situation then you’ll be a writer (unexpectedly) ,I’m damn sure that you’re stepping up to the next level . I’ve been in all this phases even I don’t know how my future will be and what I’m going to be I’ve no vision , then I DECIDE even if I give up I want something to motivate me so I make my circle stronger with positive people with positive thoughts, MY LIFE IS CHANGED.

I never thought myself I would be like a strongest and bravest women who scared of everything years before but now people used to run when I started talking, because I won’t stop if I start, from A-Z i slowly insist my thoughts(positive) to the people only because I don’t want anybody to be affected or fooled or forced by someone when I’ve been once.

NOW, I’m 21, I’m fun and awkward I can make any difficult situation into funniest part and memorable, I laugh at everything even at myself cause I do bad jokes in serious time (I know that’s weird) so people loves my company, I always wanted to interact with strangers because what is fun, if you only talks to the people you know personally, of course you know everything about them you too get bored sometimes.. see gods gives me the biggest gift that I can talk, talk, talk…I’ll talk 24/7 until you stop me, at some point you’ve set a limit to yourselves like we’ve to behave like this, we’ve to think like this, we’ve to dress like this because that’s what the people surrounding you are doing, so day by day your way of thinking is process within your comfort zone. I just always like to break the rules, I don’t have any rules for anything in my life just living the way what I want to be and I love this.

And finally, why I started a blog?? I used to write diaries since my 10th grade ,I’ve written lots of quotes and kept with myself, so one of my best friend suggest me that why can’t you start a blog, so yeah here I’m now. i keep saying this sentence when I fed up or I take so much into my head “WHAT YOU THINK THAT’S ALL YOU DESERVE” I believe this words have the greatest impact in my life and this blog is about everything comes to my thoughts or what I experienced, what I heard and then which is not discussed .

So, That’s a very little bit about myself, don’t hesitate to contact me, we’ll discussed anything about blogs or anything funny or anything you want to ask me just go for it, let’s be friends.

I appreciate your patience for reading this nonstop nonsense, we’ll be in touch, THANK YOU.