Self realization

It’s been a year since I haven’t active in WordPress. Just experimenting all these days by giving some space to people who can get into my life which I don’t prefer hereafteršŸ˜‚. I thought I’m not so grateful for the people in my life who can make efforts to made my days happy cause I’m the person who’s very bad in expressing what I feel but then what its causes now is I started depending on them.I accept the more you love the more you hurt it might be in any relationship, I have been too kind to people and ended with the situation I could’ve avoided it before.I agree being kind is really takes a lot and lot of patience still some people don’t deserve that you can be asshole to the assholes,keep them aside. The more you invite people into you life’s the more you become dependent on them I never complain about tat, you need it someday but its causes a mental illness if any single changes from them might create a very big Storm in your head because you accept them to know your depth.Even though you know it it’ll hurt you someday but you started fall into that situation again its human nature for sake that your heart always goes behind what its longing for.

I have been through this for 3months it’s really hard to come out from that phase,i felt like i lost me i started re reading my old diaries to get back to my old self ,i try to write but i am not able to , I’m totally lost i couldn’t make that happen every single day i felt void ,I’m in different level of depression where I’ll laugh my heart out and a very next second i feel low ,i felt so annoying,irritated.

Now I’m trying to accept the reality that what you’ve experienced has show the right path for you always, even if its a worst phase anyway you’ve survived and you decided to break that chain which is holding you. I realize never let toxic people to put down and still be with you.