The untitled

Aren’t you the person who’s literally obsessed with yourself like you want something supremely comes after you to convince yourself to even look at other stuffs for create a interest or attraction with someone more than self?

Aren’t you that one old cultured dude with new trend in your circle repeating the same poses in all the selfiees ,not spending a lot of money on shopping and cancelling the plans to stay at home, still spoiling yourself by watching all unrealistic romantic dramas and believing it could happen and sometimes feels like you’re getting old enough to listen the same repeated bullshit emotional dramas and fakeness that you were been through in your whole life maybe that’s why you didn’t give a fuck about anything anymore???…

We all are looking for that one special person,who you can believe they will change everything then you started giving values to the person that you never met in real but still that’s all you created hypotheticaly in your mind and you are searching the qualities in every single person you met then you start doing the compatibility between the fictional personality to the real personality , if anything doesn’t fit into your expectations then you lost interest before you develop feelings.Now why you’re not showing interest for the people to hangout,to talk,to share stuffs is because you become the person already who you looking for with all the qualities that you were searching , so it’s takes time you to realize it you are that person.

I have no idea why i post this๐Ÿ˜,maybe i’m this person.

Only love


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