Thoughts in reality #3

Sometimes it takes decades to find the meaning of everything that you done in your never get a graduation if you don’t spend your time in highschools and universties , you never get a meaning of your love life if you stop loving and being there for each other forever,you never get a successful career if you don’t believe yourself when your boss treat you like a shit but still you work your ass off and you cannot achieve those decades and decades of time,efforts and energy of investment without rejection the alternatives.

We are define by what we choose to reject in particular phase,you can’t walk on a different path on a same time simultaneously ,you have to reject one even if it’s healthy decisions yet they require rejections in all the time,something in order to value something it’s often need both giving and don’t look for a meaning of life before you start it.

Seek what you really capable of and think what you really deserve for it ,believe me the process is everything ,the success is just makes you to move forward but the process behind it is what makes you the person to do in real,start living it.



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