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I have been nominated for a blogger award,first of all thanks for nominating me vishnu ,this guy is second friend of mine in this community who i know personally from wordpress. he won’t say himself a writer but i’ll say he would become a best writer if he continues writing ,trust me he is can have a life changing moment if you give a read to his blog because all his posts are not a poetic ones or any other dramatic mess, he writes about everything which is surrounded by him ,literally every single thing that ever body forget to notice in their life but the way he portrait everything is just mesmerize me sometimes, he can mould a piece of rock into the sculpture.

So generally, i don’t post anything related to awards and nominations and all i’ve so many in my pending list ,literally i’m too lazy to follow the rules that they give for the nomination .only because i respect this guy so that’s why i wanted to post this.

Here is the blog definitely it’s gonna be a worth reading guys,he deserves more than a best:


So how I started this blog?

Lol…it’s not a big story actually,i have a habit of writting a diary since my schooling,so it tooks me to write a quotes ,i write so many quotes and kept with myself (because i don’t think it’s a quote)one day unfortunately i kept my diary on my desk and left home then my friend reads all my quotes without asking a permission(wait…they never ask a permission).so they suggest me to share it on internet but I don’t believe it’s good to share then I just give it a try after sometimes I get bored of writing a quote so I started thinking what is next, later I started a blog.

I never thought that I’ll get this much response for my blog, basically it’s all started because I’m so bored still I can’t say I’m a writer ,I just share my thoughts and experience through my blog.i have seen so many peoples who shares their story that’s so inspiring to lead my life and it’s totally a life changing moment for me while interacting with these people.

It’s great way for self improvement and statisfaction , I spend most of the time for improving my self as a better person still I’m learning.


What’s that makes me to continue writing ?

First thing is I just obsessed to writing

second thing is I just love to interact with different people,one day one guy texted me through instagram ,formally he said that my blog is very good to read and all, it’s started developing a conversation and he tells about his experience ,what he’s doing and all, I can see through his text that he’s so shy and reserved and hopeless in his life. He’s jobless for a year even though he’s very talented person but he didn’t get any opportunity. I can feel him he was so worried so I just share my opinions to motivate him but he doesn’t really open up himself to share anything, later he tells me that he has the fear of talking in crowd and he don’t know how to overcome the fear . so I just give him some piece of advice to bring up the confidence in him . after somedays left I didn’t receive text from him, one day I gotta message from him that he got selected in a company and also he mentioned to thank me for I was the one who break the fear in him that’s why he can able to interact with a group of people in discussion without any hesitation , I saw the different person in him when I text him after some long days and he’s happy now. It’s always good to know someone is happy in their life because of you . I know it’s not a big deal for everyone but for me it’s a big compliment.

So I like that feel very much, that’s makes me to write more. Still now I’m learning to write a better content through my thoughts without distracted to other topics


See bascially I’m a beginner, it was just 2 months since I started blogging so I wasn’t clear about giving tips and all


The way you write is going to describe your personality, just share what you want to tell to this world, it’s ok to be not noticeable from everyone. One day it’s all gonna payoff ,so stop looking for a comments and likes , start working for a better future.

P.S: I wasn’t following any rules here, I just randomly typing what I have to say, thanks for reading.


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  1. Vishnu says:

    Woa. I was literally blushing reading those lines! This means lot to me 🙂
    And yeah the feeling of being a positive influence in people’s lives is indeed amazing.
    I hope you do shine bright and touch everyone around positively.
    Stay awesome!
    – Vishnu.

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    1. Lol … blushing??😂😂😂😂then that’s a achievement cuz I made you blush.
      Thank you😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cheers😉…What’s happening in you without social media???


      2. Vishnu says:

        Mixed feelings. More blogging, I’m keeping notes of my feelings anyway which I want to upload.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Great…. waiting to read it

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Rageshree says:


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