Everybody faces this situation , when attending a interview for the first time generally, everyone gets nervous it’s natural , we get to prepare two days before for the interview it was like you having the only one chance if you miss this then you don’t get anyother jobs ,in that level we’ll imagine and prepare ourselves for the first interview right??.. I agree, I got little nervous on my first interview even though I’ve confident I got scare c’mon it’s happens, I fear of what if I blabber something, so I prepared myself for that situation also, how I can build up myself if I start blabbering, but thank god it went well.

So last week, my best friends and I was went for the lunch , everyone had a lots of story to tell for the one month, yes it’s been one month since we met, so we’re just talking about the things changed after college days, so one of my best friend was sharing her interview experience that was so funny, she went for the interview but this isn’t her first interview maybe it’s 3rd or 4th time, she’s very confident and very fluent in languages, so then what happens is,

She was waiting in the room were fellow candidates are seated, after they called her name she went in

Interviewer: (checking the resume) then ask “tell about yourself”.

She : she started very confidently she introduce herself

Then she tells about his father after that she thought to tell them about mother and her occupation

Instead of saying “my mother is a house wife “what she said is” my dad’s wife is a house wife “ then she got to know she blabber very obviously ,

So she started again to tell about her mom, now she said ”my wife is a house wife”, they were two HR’s in front of her they both started laughing to this answer .

Okay now stop laughing I’ve some more

Then again she tells about her education/academic details where she done her high school and all, so now her mind figure out the things what she’s gonna tell before itself, she thought to say ”I studied engineering in xyz college” but what’s comes out of her mouth is” I studied engineering in a engineering college”..(lol….everyone suppose to study engineering in a engineering college itself) , now before everybody start laughs at her she mock herself. I know it’s so embarrassing for her in that moment even though she’s very talented person, the fear inside her is makes the situation worse.

We can’t control our laugh for one hour, I swear it’s take us one hour to be normal, all the people’s in that restaurant might be thought like we’re mad ,but now she’s working, it doesn’t estimate herself in that one interview, but I’m saying mistakes are happens even if we’re so perfect in everything .

And I’m posting this after getting copyrights from her, or else I’m died.

So how many of you people had funniest or weirdest first interview experience??

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