You still have a time… go and chase it man

I’m standing at the point in my life where hurting relationships,egos,friends breaks up, vengeance, you betrayal someone or someone betray you it’s meant nothing right now, because I realize I believe what I dreamt to be a life what I thought this is the way of living life is not the way it is, then I understand that the life is the DESTINY which has the different way for everyone to reach but we most of them are like if we failed in any single stages in this life path it’s felt like we failed in our entire life but actually it’s not, however we managed to move on but that one single thing that matters you the most will always hitch you even if you forgot, how strong and passionate we are to reach our goal is actually the life goals and definitely not the way if you still living your past life like” I should’ve been do that, I should’ve been talk like that,i should’ve been not behave like that”were wouldn’t Change anything at all in present ,so we made a choice we’ve been in a very struggled and hardest way but yeah finally we’re here the DESTINY what you think that’s all you deserve


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  1. Abdul Gani says:

    The destiny is already decided.. The end is already declared.. Now the thing is how we “CHOOSE” to reach it, and make it an amazing end ❤

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    1. Yup buddy but sometimes what we chose is not actually what we want in our life’s… situation make us to choose different way which we don’t even imagine before

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      1. Abdul Gani says:

        If it was so simple then there would be no greatness in life ! The choices are what we are been blessed with, and the decision we take – Decide our upcoming

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      2. Seems like you’ve experienced a lot…. good to see people like you insisting a positive thoughts to others

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      3. Abdul Gani says:

        It’s just that I have failed many times and reflected what went wrong !


  2. Akshay Swami says:

    We all are in the same game but different levels.
    Well the picture is very good.

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    1. Yuppp😃😃…and no I found this picture in Pinterest akshay

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  3. Akshay Swami says:

    Acha 😅 I like the picture very much.
    And yaa your words too.

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  4. Haha… thank you😄


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