She’ve a life just let her to live

A conversation between Indian mom and daughter

Mom : when did you get marry child??
Me : don’t start again mom…!! I won’t
Mom : why are you so stubborn?? What if I say when all our relatives ask why you didn’t plan for your daughters wedding??? See marriage is most important event for all the women you can’t escape from the reality.
Me : mom you taught me to live independently you gave me the freedom I can’t depend my life on one single event mom I can’t find any happiness in that 3days wedding..!! did you assure me you are like the same person with all the love , happiness and care on dad when you get married first definitely not
Mom : I’m happy on my married life (with low voice)
Me : no mom…!!! You are not the person who you want to be.. your dreams left as a dream you sacrifice everything for family you are not living your life you are living for all of us mom I know so I definitely not going to fake anyone mom you ever taught me that I’ve more things to care about rather than this single part of my life I can’t depend on someone’s control I’m your daughter


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  1. Rageshree says:

    Very realistic!!💜 Even today, in most families, women are forced to marry which is not something to be proud of…

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    1. Yeah true… can’t help it this society sucks

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  2. Claudia says:

    Heart touching…I love the inner strength and the courage in the daughter’s voice. With brave young women, such as her and you – the writer, love and humanity do stand a chance!
    Thank you for following me, I’ll surely return to read more of your writings!

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    1. That’s so kind❤…sure I do thank you for the appreciation

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  3. Hello Sandhya 😊. Thanks a lot for following my blog 😇. Awesome post !! I loved it ❤️. What inspired you to blogging ?

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    1. Thank you abhijith❤I’m basically a quote writer so I thought of why not a blog main intension is I just want to be a voice of millions and millions of people out there who can’t able to speak what they think so maybe my writings will help them to speak out without any hesitation and personally who inspired me to write is najwa zebian she’s a Canadian writer I love her she inspires me everyday

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      1. Wow that’s really awesome 😊. I am a quote writer too. You can have a look at my Instagram for my quotes 😇. Oh, she is a great writer. I recently read her book Mind Platter 😇. She writings are all from the heart. We can feel it in her words right ?

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      2. wowwww you too know her that’s awesome man!! Yeah I can relate myself in every of her post and writings in Instagram, her words is resembles every human who’re suffering. this so nice to know I’ll sure read your quotes in Instagram friend.

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      3. Ya she really is a great inspiration to many 😊. There are many lines that I love in that book of hers, especially in a chapter called ‘Let The Mask Fall Off’. I don’t know if you remember it but here it goes :

        “I appreciate a genuine effort over a fake attempt to gain my trust. The clouds overtake the sky for a little while, but the sun always strikes through”.

        It’s so beautiful na 😊. Anyways please do stay in touch and have a great day buddy 😇

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      4. Oh my… you’re incredibly awesome I too love those lines but I can’t partial to the lines I love every single bit of her writings and yeah will be in touch abhijith .
        Thank you

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      5. You are welcome buddy 😇

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  4. Tisha says:

    Very nice post and completely relatable to some parts of Indian society. Thanks for the follow 🙂 looking forward to read more of your posts 🙂

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    1. Thank you Tisha😊sure will do

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  5. Nope re I’m from Chennai but I love to be in Kerala too❤


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