It’s mandatory

We have to talk because in this whole wide world where everyone running out of something to achieve or survive or whatever you say that you’re definitely going to be in that place what you’re dreaming now, I believe someone somewhere are still have the empathy of humanity when everyone is losing it. Yes…of course all of us have very weird and strange life that we don’t know why we are living this life when nothing is happening like what we thought, but still somehow we figure it out the way to at least pretend to love this life because everyone’s lives is better than you, we’ve the complex with us of not having anything in our life when everybody is celebrating every single moment.

One day I was shooting the breeze with my stranger friend who I met at the coffee shop he looks like so rich and educated when I just feel like educated, after talking to him I feel like one strange monster hit my head with a hammer he totally changed prespectives of reality. He talks a lot about the economics of the state and slowly he diverted to telling his personal economic status I was wonder and surprised to know that oh my god this man had so much trouble and failures rather than compared to me but still he is smiling and living his life like what he wants, how come that happen, even I had the weirdest past it takes me one solid year to move on, he said “if a person who want to be succeed in their life only if they had strongest story to tell, I know we all made our choices we can’t blame life we had a option at the end we choose this, we’ve done a enough stuff to make things workout at least we give it a try to fix it, and I look happy because I feel happy even though I’m not because I know one thing if this life is not meant to be the way what I want, if this life doesn’t give the happiness and fulfillment,

then why I’m living??

What is holding me on even I don’t like this way??

Cause you still have the time and chance to fix where it goes wrong, we all act in our impulsive state of mind and decided everything without having any vision of our future how it will affect. So, you think I’m rich yes…!! I’m rich in my thoughts, you think I’m happy yes…I’m happy because I’m living the moment NOW, right now I’m talking and enjoying this coffee it’s all about you and how you look things”, in the end we all gone through so many tough times with the spirit and bravery cause we all know one day all the things we are looking for is set back to their place so let’s encourage and appreciate little things which makes you to move to the next level .


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  1. vishnubkz says:

    Just started reading your blog.👍👍👍 Awesome blog dear..nicely written.

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    1. Appreciation is needful😃
      Thank you

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  2. vishnubkz says:

    You are welcome👍

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  3. vishnubkz says:

    Hey sandhya cant see you in instagram.

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    1. Is it??😧😧I don’t know I’m there actually mail me then


      1. vishnubkz says:

        No need.i just check my inbox and i din! See you.

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