3 frame stories

📍Location : vagamon hill station

Roads | Mountains | Lake

📍Location : Besant Nagar Beach,Chennai.

📌A lot of memories waving around in my head when I look at this frame…sensing the smell of beach mud, the horse play ,wondering where the beach is ending, a beach walk on my raw foot, just staring the sea for hours …everything makes me feel alive

📍Location : Wayanad

Top Hills | Fog | Trees&Roots

📍Location : Wayanad

Monsoon | Mountains | Mist

📍Location : Wayanad

Roads | Trees | Mountains


I always prefer stepping out of my home maybe the reason I was so occupied with outside work whenever I got couple of days off from my work I took a break from everything and I used to trip with friends or used to go somewhere nearer, sometimes I’ll be stay in my room binge watching Netflix…I rarely involve or develop conversation in my home because spending time at home become less since I started working. I don’t remember when was the last time I look at the moon and wonder how marvelous it looks ??..maybe the last time I remember how excited I’m to see the moon everyday when I was a kid since I don’t remember watching it with same excitement till recent times …sitting inside the four walls almost for 7months was such a toughest phase for all of us. The only refreshing time I find everyday to share my lone time at my terrace, the breeze,the skies,watching the leafs moves,watching it falls,the sound of evening birds ,the sunset, sometimes a cloudy evening. Every tiny beautiful things brings refreshing vibe to me, that freshness I feel everyday was something I missed all these day even though I’m living under the same roof still I never noticed such beautiful space. I hope everyone find their new private space at your home in this quarantine…my new happy place is my terrace.

Thoughts in reality #4

I realize the energy which is surrounded around a person can make a lot of changes in people’s lives…I have seen and experienced a lot of negative and irritating vibes that literally puts me down and its increased a lot of self doubt’s and complex among one self I have tried so many times to not take into my head but sometimes you can’t help it because you have mentally felt very tired of reacting to things ,I always wonder why people are not kind to one another,why there’s always a comparison with each others lifestyles,why there’s always a pressure on people to be successful at their 20’s…every person have the ability to deal with the rejections,anexity and depression in their own way. When time says NO to whatever important decisions or efforts in life you’ve taken, you have to find what really worth your energy at that time

“Whatever you’re seeking won’t come in a form you’re expecting”
-Haruki Murakami

Break that chain when someone force their opinion and perceptions on you…people will influence you based on the path they’ve chosen in life which is not smiliar to the time and effort who’ve put to make your own life decisions

Remember one day when you look back…you shouldn’t be regretted for this life



Life is a indeed experiment right???…exploring new things even you’re not willing to do your circumstances will always gives you opportunity or a sign to test your capability and let yourself understand where are you at your life or what’s your purpose but we’re so lazy enough to think beyond our limits until something supremely affects our normal life like career break,financial outbreaks,complexity.

I have learnt one thing and I still believe its the best way to break the complexity or fear or any sort of things which is holding you…there’s one Arabic saying like,

if you want to die ? Then put yourself in the sea and you’ll sea yourself fighting to survive.you do not want to die,rather you want to kill something inside you

Like wise we have to kill our complexity which is drowning us,do things that scares you ,small examples like I have a very huge complex on myself for years ,I love to speak on public but I’m so fucking sacred to face a crowd or you may call it as stage fear…I decided to break that fear so at first day of my college volunteerly I stood up and started talking randomly on some topic but it wasn’t good start and I stucked in between and ended up embarrassing myself I heard people commenting and laughing at my back it makes me nervous and my complexity level increased from that time I had this complexity almost four years of my college but on my final year I got a good compliment from my professor for my speech which is discussed in class its not a big deal though but I stood up and talk in front of everyone after tarumatized by the incident happened four years before but its all because of the effort and progression which I put to break my fear and complexity. now I recently hosted one event in front of few crowds which is really a good outcomes from my confidence level…

I strongly believe our mind and how it works,its always listen to the words what we speak and react upon so be careful with what you feed to your mind…try to be always positive because there’s so much of things that make your day worse than before ,least you can do to yourself is keep your mind in peace

Our life is ending one minute at a time so make it beautiful as much as you can…compliment others, encourage small efforts,say nice words but do not low your self esteem to comfort others ego

Keep smiling